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Solutions that WORK for Neighborhood Pet Issues


Pet Rules

Solutions that WORK for Neighborhood Pet Issues


Do you have homeowners frustrated because stray dogs use their yard to go potty? Are you taking calls because the dog walkers are not cleaning up after their animals? These type of complaints are some of the hardest situations that we face as property managers.

When you take the complaint call you are most likely dealing with a very frustrated homeowner. Pet waste is a health hazard for children, adults and other pets. Community Ordinances usually address these issues with leash laws and even ordinances that owners must pick up after their animals. The problem comes in the enforcement. Unless a police officer sees the violation, the deed goes without consequences. CAM’s are faced with similar challenges for enforcement because of documentation. Without a time stamped photo of the violation as it occurs and knowledge of the dog’s owner and address, these violation go unenforced.

Problem One: Stray, unleashed animals use your yard for potty. ANSWER: Scare Crow Motion Activated Sprinkler.

This effective and harmless motion activated burst of unexpected water spray can be set to detect yard intruders within the yard’s boundaries. Motion sets of the water spray keeping animals at bay. Not only are these effective for dogs, but deer and other wild animals as well.

Problem Two: Dog Walkers not picking up waste after their animal. Solution: Provide a convenient system that eliminates all excuses.

As a CAM you know that Signage is not effective. People are bombarded with so much daily stimuli that another sign is easily ignored or even missed. If we consider human nature to be a bell shaped curve of human predictability then those folks at the beginning of the curve are the owners who are irresponsible they are going to ignore signs and they have no guilt for leaving their dog’s business behind.

On the opposite end of the curve are those owners who always carry bags, just in case,  and always clean up after their pet by taking the waste home to dispose of it. There is a small group who will actually hang the filled waste bags on trees, ditch them in shrubs and dispose of them so they don’t have to carry the stinky bag home.

The bulk of the owners represented on this curve are the group we need to target to assist them in doing the right thing.

Providing Full Circle Doggie Waste Stations along the major foot traffic areas is the answer. The success of the use of these waste stations is two-fold. (a) Quantity- having enough waste stations available to make their locations convenient to use. (b) Providing a Full Circle System- This system is made up of the following: Bag Dispenser (that is kept filled); Trash Can with liner that is regularly emptied and Hand Sanitizer.

Our experience is that the Full Circle System is mandatory to make this program work. Dog Walkers may have forgotten their waste bag at home, but along their route they have a convenient waste station. Perhaps they already used one bag and there is a second call to action and no bag!

With conveniently located stations, not only do they have a bag in a filled dispenser for their use, they can dispose of the waste in the station trash can and not have to finish their walk carrying the waste bag. Additionally, the station has a filled hand sanitizer that allows the owner to clean up when the job is completed. The remainder of their walk can be enjoyed and the community remains clean.

Missing any of these components (a) Bags (b) Trash Can (c) Hand sanitizer…the cycle is not complete and the animal owner is inconvenienced. A Full Circle System costs with installation around $500 per location. There are ongoing expenses to maintain these stations for supplies and labor to keep the trash cans emptied.                    

Our experience in using the Full Circle System is that community support has been very high. We have started with a few strategically placed high traffic areas and have monitored the use by pickup days and dispenser levels. In some communities we have actually increased the number of stations to meet the needs of the community. Our maintenance crews report that community feedback is very favorable. While servicing the stations residents honk and wave and give them the thumbs up!

What once was an ongoing sore topic has been resolved. These communities are happy to have clean and safe neighborhoods for their children and pets to play.  As their property management company, we are seen as problem solvers who restored harmony in the neighborhood. This has been a win-win situation for all concerned.


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