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We utilize a team approach to ensure your needs are met professionally as well as efficiently. Our staff includes licensed Community Association Managers supported by outstanding assistants, accounting, administrative, clerical and maintenance personnel. We routinely provide the services outlined below; however, we understand that every community is unique and therefore we customize each management package to your specific needs.

You will not find comparable service coupled with exemplary client attention and satisfaction with any other company. If you are currently looking for management services, please click the link for Proposal Request above to provide us some information on your community so we can schedule an association management consultation with you.

Owner Relations

  • A live Director of First Impressions to assist owners during business hours
  • A 24/7 maintenance emergency hotline
  • Available to Owners to help resolve problems related to Association business.
  • Online assessment payment if desired

Board of Directors Meeting Administration 

  • Prepare agendas-distribute Board packages including agenda, minutes, current financial statements, Property Managers report, variance report, committee reports, delinquency aging, status of owners’ non-compliance, work order and other reports from TOPS.
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Advise President and Board of current FL Statute requirements and Directors’ fiduciary obligations.
  • Makes suggestions to the President to improve the effectiveness of Board meetings and operations - recommend workshops, which are conducted at no cost to the Association.
  • Recommend committee structure and offer suggestions for conducting efficient meetings.

Association Governance

  • Prepare monthly Management Reports for the President of theAssociation summarizing significant events and actions for the period
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings, special meetings or annual meetings atrequest of the Board
  • Advise Board of items that may be appropriate for meeting agenda
  • Arrange for transcription of minutes upon request of the Board
  • Prepare and mail proper notice for annual and special meetings
  • Facilitate communications between the members and the Board

Annual Owner Meeting Administration

  • Prepare and mail notices, agendas, proxy forms, list of candidates, voting ballots and other required materials.
  • Arrange for a meeting venue and required materials.
  • Counts proxies to determine if a quorum exists.
  • Collect and count ballots.
  • Takes minutes.
  • Assist the President as required.

Community Financial Services 

  • Develop recommended annual operating budgets in concert with Finance Committees for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Notifying owners of assessments and collecting funds.
  • Reporting delinquent accounts; and initiating a proactive program to collect funds.
  • Maintain complete Owner records.
  • Pays Association bills after appropriate review and approval.
  • Prepare detailed monthly financial reports including Balance Sheet, Revenue and Expense Statements, with all substantiating data.
  • Prepare a monthly variance report comparing actual to the budget and alerting the Board to unfavorable trends requiring corrective action.
  • Managing the checking accounts along with recommending investment vehicles for reserve accounts.
  • Recommend outside firms to the Board to conduct reserve fund studies to provide adequate funding for future capital repairs.
  • Recommend CPAs for the annual audits orreviews.
  • Maintain accurate records of the Association’s finances making certain GAAP guidelines are followed.
  • Maintain assessment rolls including coordination of closing information with the title companies.
  • Coordinate the preparation and distribution of assessment coupon books to each association member. 
  • Collect and deposit of assessments into association bank account insured by the FDIC. 
  • Prepare and process past due notices, intent to lien notices, and direct attorney's to file liens in accordance with the policies of the association.


  • Prepare monthly and year-end financial statements.
  • Prepare supporting financial reports including detailed general ledger, cash receipts and disbursements registers.
  • Maintain and update detailed accounts receivable reports including aging reports.
  • Maintain association bank account.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Prepare of annual budget under guidance of the board.
  • Prepare and approval of disbursements in accordance with the terms of approved vendor contracts or as authorized by the budget or Board.

Tax and Association Reporting Requirements

  • Prepare IRS Form 1099 for vendor payments.
  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of Federal tax returns.
  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of State tax returns.
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Report required by the Florida Department of State.
  • Coordination and oversight of financial audits or reviews by independent CPA if required by statute or requested by the Board.

Common Area Property Maintenance

  • Identify vendors, obtain bids and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Supervise the vendors and suppliers to achieve the standards set by the Association.
  • Software-based work order system to manage projects.
  • Supply maintenance personnel for on-site work if requested.
  • Perform regular inspections of the associations' common areas and facilities, and to monitor their conditionand maintenance needs.
  • Assist the association in locating and contracting with the best maintenance providers available, taking full advantage of our knowledge and relationships developed through our experiences with other associations.
  • Assist in securing competitive bids on services and products for the association to obtain the highest quality and value.
  • Coordinate and monitor the activity and performance of maintenance providers.
  • Confirm that maintenance providers are properly insured.
  • Perform regular inspections of the physical appearance and condition of the member properties to assess compliance with the covenants, restrictions, and by-laws of the association.
  • Follow up on complaints of violations or maintenance issues received from association members or the Board Issue violation notices and take other appropriate action necessary to resolve a violation in accordance with the association documents and instructions of the Board. 
  • Process Architectural Review Board applications. 
  • Provide assistance in obtaining property and liability insurance for the association. 
  • Provide assistance in reporting and filing of insurance claims on behalf of the association.


  • Develop for Board approval standards and guidelines for inspections.
  • Conduct weekly inspections to identify violations.
  • Issue letters to owners to achieve corrective action.
  • Follow up to ensure corrective action has been taken.
  • If violation not corrected, schedule Hearing Committee meeting at the direction of the Board of Directors and record outcome.
  • Issue fines as authorized and maintain the Owner’s payment schedule.

Architectural Review Oversight (additional service available) 

  • Review applications for completeness and conformity with the Association’s architectural review guidelines.
  • Collect application fees and performance deposits.
  • Communicate status of applications with owners and notify them of approval or disapproval.
  • Inspect properties to insure conformance with approved plans.
  • Refund deposits as appropriate.
  • If ARC holds regularly scheduled meetings and wishes administrative assistance - prepare agendas and distribute with prior meeting minutes to ARC members.
  • Insure applications are complete with required drawings, color samples, etc.
  • Following approval- send stamped/approved plans to owner/builder for transmission to the county building department for permits.
  • Prepare minutes of Board decisions and letters to applicants with the Board’s decisions.

Maintain All Association Official Records 

  • All legal documents including Minutes of Boardand Owner’s meetings
  • All financial records
  • Contracts, licenses, permits
  • Current Owner records
  • Minute book
  • Corporate seal
  • Plans of ARB submissions and minutes of meetings

Transition and Turnover

  • Establish a Transition committee and training members.
  • Oversee the steps leading to Turnover.
  • Insure all elements are thoroughly accomplished in concert with the Association’s attorney.
  • Provide administrative assistance and manage the Turnover meeting.

Property Maintenance

  • We offer a full-service maintenance option for associations. Please inquire for full details of services offered.