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The MSS Difference
We’re different because we set out to be different. But we didn’t just want to be different for its own sake: we wanted to be better. Our entire focus is on quality, not quantity.

We distinguish ourselves from other firms by the blend of services we provide, as well as how we provide them. We have developed a unique, highly focused, and unusually flexible approach to managing associations.

Everyone at Management Specialists Services has worked within the association management industry: between us, we have over fifty years direct experience in managing and maintenance. This means that we understand the current market conditions, your association, your pressures, and the requirements you face – in depth.

  • We use the best commercial software package designed specifically for homeowners associations. We also have highly trained and experienced staff administering services. – this allows us to do the following more easily and accurately:
    • Record and maintain owner information
    • Record and track owner assessment and other billings
    • Process collections
    • Process and maintain CCR and ARB records
    • Seamlessly process owner lockbox payments
    • Generate Service Requests and Work orders that can link directly to an owner’s account, and create related reports monthly
  • We have a live Director of First Impressions, guaranteeing a friendly associate to assist you each time an owner calls
  • We have great relationships with contractors and service providers who are the best in their industry
  • We have many licensed CAM managers available to provide guidance and expertise.
  • Our bookkeeper has over 15 years experience working with our HOA Accounting software (TOPS) and association accounting.
  • We have a full time collections / receivables person dedicated to receive the BEST outcome for our associations with delinquent accounts
  • We are by far the best at what we do, and we work continuously and diligently to maintain that level of service.
  • Our office is onsite, which will make it more convenient on those homeowners or Board members who wish to come in to our office to speak with our team.
  • We have a superior collections department, with a trained, professional team member who always takes the time to go the extra mile to work with our customers. 
  • We have a certified Arborist on staff
  • We have created and implemented the hearing process for covenant non-compliance in several communities