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Our Team
Sarah Conner, Owner, CAM, CMCA®, AMS
Management Specialists Services
The owner and operator of Management Specialists Services, Sarah has more than 10 years of experience directly related to running and operating a Community Association Management business. She has successfully sourced, hired, retained, and extensively trained team members over the last 7 years in all fields relating to association management including accounting, project oversight, customer service, and collections. An EntreLeader, she requires not only herself, but also the team to take continuing education courses in our field above and beyond state requirements. She has successfully operated several companies. She studied Finance and Accounting at the University of Florida.

Mike Williamson, Accounting Manager
Management Specialists Services
Mike is the best in our field for association accounting. He has over 15 years of experience in his current position. We have received several offers from other management firms requesting his services to facilitate training their staff.

The management of an association’s funds is the most important aspect of what we do. This is the foundation of operating any entity, and he and Sarah work hand in hand daily dealing with the many aspects of the associations’ accounting and financials.

Bonnie Drake, Receivables & Collections Manager
Management Specialists Services

Bonnie's attention to detail and kind-hearted, sincere guidance has led to the collection of hundreds of thousands of dollars of previously “uncollectable” assessments. She is giving and helpful to a fault. She has extensive training in, and continuing education related to, collections of association dues as well as the limits of our legal abilities under Florida statute and regulations. Bonnie works hand in hand with our attorney to reach the absolute best results possible for our associations.

Carl Carlisle, Architectural Review, Arborist & CAM
Management Specialists Services
Carl is a licensed Community Association Manager and an ISA Certified Arborist.
Carl has years of experience and a vast wealth of knowledge regarding Architectural Review and community management as a whole, including the requirements of the Architectural Review process.

Catherine Holladay, Captain of Corporate Relations, CAM, CMCA®
Management Specialists Services

Highly experienced in Leadership, Catherine is the Manager over our team as well as a portfolio manager. Catherine has been a licensed CAM for five years. Detail-oriented and organized, Catherine follows up with our staff with regular Action Item meetings, ensuring all tasks are completed for our Communities on time. Catherine teaches many of our workshops and Board programs and conducts team member training. She has 15+ years of Project Management experience and 6 years of experience in Financials and Accounting. She is Six Sigma Green Belt certified and holds a Masters degree in Education. In 2014, Catherine was named one of the Top 3 Portfolio Managers in the nation. In 2016, Catherine was named one of the Top 10 Portfolio Managers in the nation.

Eric Corcoran, Liaison Program Director, CAM, CMCA®
Management Specialists Services
 Highly experienced in Leadership, Innovation and Turfgrass, Eric is the Liaison Program Director as well as a portfolio manager. Eric has been a licensed CAM for several years. Driven and steadfast, Eric has been integral in project management for various long-term projects for our communities. Eric has many years of Fortune 500 corporate experience as well. In 2015, Eric was named one of the Top 3 Portfolio Managers in the nation. In 2016, Eric was named one of the Top 25 Portfolio Managers in the nation.

Jordan Smith, CAM
Management Specialists Services
 With 10+ years of experience in working with the general public and an education in mass communications, Jordan is one of our newest portfolio managers. Jordan received her CAM license in 2016. She dove in headfirst to association management and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done. Jordan’s optimism can transform challenges into opportunities and she works diligently to accomplish her goals. Jordan is delighted to help communities achieve their goals as well and is always looking forward to the future!

Administrative Support
In addition to the CAM professionals on your team, our clients also benefit from the expertise of several administrative assistants, some of them licensed CAMs as well. These assistants work hand in hand with the managers to prepare reports, file correspondence, schedule meetings, follow up with owners and personnel, coordinate with vendors, and more. Their experience ranges from the health care industry to one of the country’s most recognized brands. Their ability to handle the volume and details of assigned projects is unparalleled.

 Jessica Babapour, Administrative Assistant
Management Specialists Services

Fiona Mand, Administrative Assistant
Management Specialists Services

 Meghan Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Management Specialists Services

Stacey Pacheco-Soto, Director of First Impressions
Management Specialists Services

 Gabriel Pritz, IT Manager
Management Specialists Services

Maintenance Team
Our clients also benefit from a robust and highly qualified Maintenance Team.From the routine, to the complex, to middle of the night Emergency Calls, our Maintenance department is ready to go at a moment’s notice.Lead by our experienced Maintenance Supervisor, this department uses cutting edge technology along with the latest techniques to provide superior service to every community.