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Frequently Asked Questions


As a firm that manages communities, we are often asked many questions about home maintenance as well. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding home maintenance.

How does trash pick up work in my community?
While every community will be slightly different, and trash pick up days will certainly differ, it can be confusing as to even what is picked up. When you purchase in your community, ask your community manager, or CAM, about trash pick up. Make sure you follow the rules closely as breaking the guidelines can result in your waste company skipping pick up for you on a scheduled pick up day!

Yard Waste
Limbs cannot exceed 5' in length and/or 8" in diameter or weigh more than 40 lbs.
Cand or paper bags cannot weigh more than 40 lbs.
Yard waste cannot be stored in plastic bags, it must be in special paper bags available at Publix or Home Depot.
Leaves and small debris must be in a container.
Yard waste and garbage cannot be mixed together.

    Items contaminated with food are not recyclable.
    Cardboard may not be larger than 4'x4' and must be flattened.
    Plastic bags are not accepted.
    Do not put recyclables in plastic bags.
    Shredded paper must be placed inside a paper bag.
    The orange bin is for paper, the blue bin is for bottles and cans.

    Solid Waste
    Solid waste bin (trash can) cannot be overfilled.
    Excess garbage must be placed in a yellow overflow bag available at Publix or Home Depot.
    All trash bins must be placed no less than 4' away from other containers.
    Trash bin must have a 15' overhead clearance.

    Hazardous waste is not accepted. 

    For more information, in Alachua County, call WCA of Florida at (352) 377-0800.

    Spillage on property from trash bin prior to pick up will result in a non pick-up. All trash must remain in the bin.

    I received a letter from management/my association about a violation of the covenants, what should I do?

    Associations are in place to protect the integrity of a community and the property values. Real estate professionals will confirm that the condition of surrounding properties directly affects a report they are required to complete and could affect resale values. People buy homes in deed-restricted communities to ensure that they won't have to live next door to significant variances from door to door. Keep in mind, when you purchase a home in such a community, you automatically agree to abide by those covenants and restrictions.   

    Most of the time, covenants violations are unintentional and a result of lack of knowledge of the rules. If you receive a first notice, respond in writing via email or mail acknowledging the notification and providing your plan of action to remedy the violation. Keep in mind that managers are not typically on a property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most contracts stipulate monthly inspections of the property. Therefore, don't be offended if the letter you receive for your trash can being left out happened to have resulted from the ONE TIME you left it out because you were running late for work that day or something similar, the letter isn't personal, but it WAS a violation that was noticed during the inspection and as contracted, the manager is required to record all violations noticed.

    When owners respond to letters, we are often asked if neighbors received similar violations or whether we noticed xyz three doors down...Rest assured, if the violation was present during the inspection, and it was readily visible, a notice was issued.

    If you notice violations that the association is unable to see or happen outside of business hours when we cannot inspect, feel free to send the information to the manager. Please be detailed in the address, occurrence and any other information you have so that it can be properly filed and a notice issued. Keep in mind that because violations are official records of the association, anonymous reports are not accepted. 

    If violations are not abated within the required time frame, the Association, in most cases, has the authority to send the case to a Covenants Committee who has the ability to levy a fine to your account for the infraction. Most violations are taken care of before they ever reach this level, but the most common reason they reach Hearing level is for lack of response and/or remedy. If you are unable to remedy a violation within the time period specified in your letter, contact management. We can work on your plan of action and be sure to update the Board so that the issue does not progress. Failure to communicate with us at all limits our ability to provide any information to the Board and they therefore have no choice but to send the case to Hearing.

    If you ever have any questions about a notice received, please call or email the manager for assistance before the issue escalates to hearing and fining levels.

    I received notice that my roof needs to be cleaned, but I've heard you can damage your shingles. What do I do?

    Cleaning your roof is a standard annual maintenance item that should be on your checklist. If your home is shaded, in addition to removing debris from your roof annually, every 3-5 years, you should also have your roof professionally washed as algae can grow on it, reducing the life of your shingle and increase your power bill.

    Though cleaning is an accepted practice, power washing or other high pressure cleaning methods should NEVER be used on your roof.

    Click HERE for a technical bulletin on roof cleaning published by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. This bulletin gives proper techniques and information you can use to ensure your cleaning is done right.