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What Others Say

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Below are just a few of the recent reports received from residents. 
  • "I hope you guys are running our HoA for a looooong time.  You make it very easy." - John B, Resident
  • "Thank you for all that you have done in rectifying the problems that we were experiencing.  I know that it takes a great deal of follow up to ensure that what you have instructed them to do, has been done." - Kathy D., Resident
  • "How wonderful of you to go out of your way to contact the company and inquire about the possibility of helping me out.  I have lived here for 30 years, since June 1983, and this goes down as one the most remarkable acts of customer service I have witnessed, both on your personal part and on the part of the company." - Tony M., Resident
  • "I appreciate all you do.  I know at times it's not easy dealing with the public. I just returned home and was delighted that you had taken care of it [tree] so quickly. This is why I live living here." - Gerri O., Resident
  • "I meant to email last weekend to let you know that we are moving to South Carolina. For what it's worth, we sold out house in one week. I'll take a little credit for trying to maintain my property, but credit Management Specialists Services and you for enforcing the covenants that helped keep our neighborhood a great place to live. Thanks! - Stan S., Resident and CC Member
  • "Thank you for the fast action on this. In all the time we've owned at CHL, you guys have been the absolute best to work with. - Joslyn A., Resident
  •  "As always, you come through with flying colors! I truly appreciate YOU and ALL that you do! - Nancy R., Resident
  •  "You are the bomb diggity." - John M., Resident